Considering sizing up my ears, again.


"oh raphael" "oh donatello"

I Will Buy You a New Life
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catching up with korra s3! can’t wait to see more of the villains this season >:)

Stay With Me (Sam Smith cover)
Florence + the Machine
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Florence and the Machine - Stay With Me (Sam Smith cover)
[live @ Orange Warsaw Festival 06.14.2014] xx

Strict Machine
Goldfrapp  -  Black Cherry-ADVANCE
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Strict Machine - Goldfrapp

you okay?
the only other banshee i’ve ever met… and i think i might have just drove her over the edge.
lydia, it wasn’t your fault. i was there too.

This is a bitter adventure, if it must end so; and not a mountain of gold can amend it. Yet I am glad that I have shared in your perils - that has been more than any Baggins deserves.

Neon Jungle  -  Louder
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louder- neon jungle